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Website Hosting

We love using the latest technology to keep your website as safe and secure as possible, we have SSD storage in all of our servers, giving you the fastest service possible. We make sure our servers are secure and backed up, whilst having the tools available to react quickly to any incident, including regular backups.

Website downtime is expensive and can damage your reputation and ultimately cost you business, our 99.9% uptime guarantee is just our way of showing you that we mean business and will keep your website in front of your customers (even the best servers in the world need to be updated every now and then for security reasons, hence the 0.1%, we do however target these updates to the lowest possible traffic times).

Website & Email Migration

When you migrate your website to us, we move your site from your old host and make the transition as seamless as possible, this often includes moving your emails at the same time. with minimal downtime comes maximum exposure. We can handle the migration along with domain name and DNS configurations for you, making your life as simple as possible.

Maintenance & Updates

Modern websites are under constant threat of attack from hackers, recent years have shown a huge increase in the number of attempts made every day, sadly the hackers are finding many vulnerabilities in the sites they attack, many of these are due to business owners not applying vital security patches, updates and not possessing the technical knowledge to keep on top of these important tasks. The Ideas Cupboard takes these worries away, managing all of the daily tasks to update the vital components of your website. Without active and proactive maintenance and security monitoring your business can quickly become a target of online criminals. We ensure to install updates as soon as they are available and proved to be stable, with monitoring of availability done daily, you can be assured you are in the best of hands.

Regular backups of your database and all of the content on your website

Hosting on our super-fast UK server, perfect for WordPress hosting

Rest easy knowing your site & content is safe

content management to update page, posts, forms, images etc

24/7 security for your website, including monitoring and protection from viruses and hackers

Updates of your core website files & third party plugins, ensuring nothing breaks as a result

Whatever your requirements we can tailor a package to suit you

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