Morrisons Supermarket tries to fight breach of data protection.... and failed

At last, Morrisons supermarket has lost their high court battle on 22nd October 2018 for the intentional data breach by one of their employees, the employee leaked just under 100,000 employee records, which included salary details and bank account information, this highlights how important the correct data protection policies are, along with many other policies that should be in place. The original breach happened in 2014.

Had Morrisons got the correct policies in place they would be looking at criminal proceedings against the employee instead.

Some questions to ask yourself about your business;

The Morrisons breach simply highlights that even big business cant get away with a data breach.

There have been many others on the ICO radar recently, proving that they are not letting GDPR slide by.

Take a look at the most recent action taken by the ICO:

There are both big and small names, from the likes of BT, various police forces across the country to a small firm in Telford.


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What does the Morrisons data breach mean for small businesses?

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