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Being Dyslexic in Business

Being Dyslexic in Business – The Ideas Cupboard

We are really proud to have supported Shropshire’s Dyslexia Information Day in Telford, it was an amazing event, as a dyslexic myself I understand how hard it can be to access information about being dyslexic and how to find support for in the workplace.

©Michael Wilkinson 2016

This event not only informs you of where and how to gain access to information but showcases businesses who support dyslexia and businesses who are run by dyslexics. There is also a great deal of information about the 1st ever Dyslexic Awards in Shropshire, which now run every year to celebrate dyslexics in Shropshire!

I am incredibly excited and proud to say that I was nominated and shortlisted for an award for the 1st dyslexia awards in Shropshire. It was really exciting and it’s such a great cause to support, giving dyslexics a boost of confidence when you don’t always feel like you have achieved your goals. 

I am even prouder to say I went on to WIN. Yes, I actually won an award, I couldn’t believe it. I came away winning the Outstanding PersonaAchievementnt Award!

Running two limited companies as a dyslexic is not an easy task, The main business we run is The Ideas Cupboard which is a family run design agency specialising in helping SME’s and start-ups to grow through the use of Design, Web and Print solutions, we support individuals through the right steps to grow their business by creating them a brand that really tells a story about their business. Our second business is also very creative…. Surprise, Surprise! 

Running a business and being dyslexic can be the most daunting task in the world, there are the mountains of paperwork that needs to be completed and spelling correctly, there are the accounts and vat returns that need to add up.

There is always the uphill struggle of time management – while trying to manage the time you have left in your day after you have caught up on all the things you forgot to write down the day before. But if I’m totally honest I love working for myself, it’s not always easy but it means that I can enjoy my job. I have days where I’m not totally with it and things feel like they are starting to fall apart because the car keys are in the fridge and I can only find one of my daughters shoes before school – but those are the days I appreciate most about being dyslexic and self-employed.

©Michael Wilkinson 2017

It means I can take time to sort myself out work a little later on in the day when my brain wants to co-ordinate with my hands, as well as not having the worry of being judged by a boss or a worry I’m not working as fast as others. I will always get my work done on deadline it may be the night before but it will always be done.

For those who are considering self-employment and are struggling with dyslexia, don’t think it will get in the way, believe in yourself and anything is possible, you think differently, in fact most dyslexic business owners are leaders in the field because we push the boundaries every day just to get out of bed and get organised with matching pair of socks (Which often doesn’t happen – 2 socks of the same size is plenty), you are in control of your future – don’t let social stigma of thinking your differently abled control your dreams, grab your dreams give them a shake to make sure you haven’t left any bits behind and do what you believe you can do!

In the words of Albert Einstein (Dyslexic) – “Everyone is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid “

Our team will help you to take your dream and make it a reality, we have a wide support network of local businesses we can tap in to, to ensure that you receive the best service possible whilst only having to deal with one person. We created this structure as it helps people to have one point of contact in the business to deal with, and coming from a dyslexic point of view it means you don’t have to worry about remembering who you have or haven’t spoken to or which bills need paying – we do all the communicating for you to ensure it runs as smooth as possible at all points.

Being a dyslexic run business, the way we deal with our clients tends to be different to other design agencies.

We think outside, inside and all sides of the box before we have even got through the door.

Thinking in a visual manner and thinking about problems in a different way often means we can provide you with a more comprehensive and interesting solution to your problem. We meet all our clients face to face – ensuring both parties can put a face to a name, which helps when making it a more personal service.

We meet all our clients and sit down over a cuppa and have a chat – you can find out so much about a person’s business just by having an informal chat with them. We are great believers that your business is an extension of you and it should reflect your amazing personality through your brand. 

It’s our job to find out what you really want and need, not just what you think you want.


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