17 Ideas for free promotion for your business

Getting free promotion is always a great tool for boosting any small business, Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, ever recommended a good book or a movie – you do it all the time, it's getting your customer to do it for you without thinking about it. Getting your business featured regularly in the local press ( for the right reasons of course ) will put your business in front of your potential customers at no cost and give your business a good reputation for being at the forefront of what you do.

Getting into credible papers and magazines where a well-known independent person can talk about your business is a great way to promote business and is much better than an advert, as a person is advocating your business, customers are more receptive to a good news story or an experience than an advert.

Get media coverage isn’t hard to do for your business with a few tips and tricks

  • Be different – your business standing out from the crowd can get you noticed, especially if you choose to send it to the local media they get lots of regular ‘normal’ news dropped on their desks every day jump out from the page with a fresh approach
  • Do something new – is your business you doing something new in the area, have you bought a new service to your customers or created a new product? It’s the time to shout about it, look for a niche that’s not in your area and jump into
  • Time to celebrate – mark a passage of time, have you been in business a year, 5, 10 or has something somewhere else in the world happened that you can celebrate (that’s relevant) like 100 years in print, a national holiday or a product you sell has an anniversary. Share it with the world, and your customers.
  • Winning an award – this is always press-worthy whether it is a personal award or a business award it is worth shouting about. It's a great time to promote what you have been up to and tell people why you have received the award. The photo in the paper and a nice write up is a great way to show everyone what you have been up to and achieve.
  • New contracts – if it's ok with your customers, shout about who you're working with and what you're working on. If you and your clients have a great project, maybe a new venture your helping launch and new product or service then tell people about it, its great promotion for both businesses.
  • Talk about your opinion – has something happen in the media or in your local community, it might be worth talking about your opinion and how your business reacts to the situation. A great talking topic in recent media has been Brexit – it was something that affected many businesses and families, it was a great time to tell your customers how it's affected you and whether it will affect them as a customer, or simply whether you think its good or not.
  • Shout about other publicity – have you been in other publications, tell people about it – we were in a national newspaper and we shouted about it across our other platforms it was a great business boost.
  • Relaunch your website – re-launching your website is a great reason to shout about your business, and to help drive traffic to your website, by asking for customers for their opinion on the look and feel of your site is a great way to not only find out if the site is any good and also to show off your business and what you have done. Also, it keeps your business fresh.
  • Free stuff! – everyone loves a freebie, whether it be free information or free products or services. Giving something for nothing is a great way to entice people to your business. You can give stuff away in many different forms, competitions, free downloads exclusive deals – however you choose to do it, tell people and social media, and your local media. The more you shout the more interest you get.
  • Create a series of articles – do you have a hot topic you can talk about, maybe developments in your industry, maybe its something you have been up to – business on tour? By writing a series and keeping it interesting you will keep your readers wanting to come back for more.
  • Create a survey – ask people about your business and what you're doing, ask them what they like and don’t like, what could you deliver to your community that’s not already being delivered, its also another good way of promoting your business as it entices people to check out your business, and your services.
  • Get involved with charity – giving cash is dull, we know it helps but maybe you can do it in a different way. Get creative, promote what your doing get the local media involved with your story, get your staff and community involved, maybe a fun day or gala dinner. Fundraise in a fun way, helping charities in exchange for free promotion.
  • Problem-solving – outside the box, is there a problem in the community that has everyone talking? Is it something your business can help with, can you be a problem solver? It will feel good and get you known as a problem solver, not a problem creator
  • It's just done that way… - can you turn it on its head? Has your service or product always been done in a certain way, can you do it in a different way? If you can shout about it – tell people you do it differently and tell them why?
  • A new member of your team? – tell people if someone has joined your team, you’re a small business, and you're helping people to better their future just as you are bettering your own. Have you taken on an apprentice or a person with a special skill set? It's worth taking a picture and send it to the local paper, it might get in the business section. It’s a great thing that small businesses grow, and it's worth telling people, even if a member of staff gets a promotion, not only does it build up faith in your employee that they are valued but also to the community that you are a great business.
  • Be a trendsetter – don’t follow trends, set them. Setting new trends is a great way to get business promotion if you're doing new things. If your trend is answering a current problem then it will catch on.
  • Honesty – be refreshingly honest – do you work within an industry that often hides how a job gets done, trade secrets of a sort – do you have a process to create an item that not everyone gets to see? Share it – not only is it interesting but its good promotion.

If you need any help with promoting your business, why not have a chat with us and see what we can do to help.

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