Do you over look the power of a business card?

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Business cards that stand out, get more interaction

The Humble business card, What does yours say about you?

In a digital age, there are few items left that keep us connected to the real world, the business card is one thing we believe the digital age can never truly replace.

Although most see the business card as just a simple exchange of contact details, the truth is much more complex.

In this blog, I hope to enlighten and give you a good reason to keep a pocket full of these old school business cards at all times.

For those of us that see networking as a regular event and tool to make genuine face to face connections, a good quality business card is the key to being remembered and to a great first impression.

For anyone seeking a business to business relationships (B2B) networking can be one of the most important events in your calendar.

Although social media can be a good introduction, it is also very impersonal, businesses with older owners or directors almost always prefer to have a face to face meeting before doing any sort of business, a cheap and flimsy business card that does not truly represent your business or the quality of your service can but potential clients off.

They are one of the oldest marketing tools around and they can be hugely underestimated.

While email marketing (MailChimp...), search engine optimization (SEO) and paid media (Pay Per Click, PPC) all do good jobs of obtaining leads and prospects, there is still no better way than an effective face to face meeting sealed with a handshake and an exchange of business cards.

Potential clients are everywhere and you can meet them at any time, so having a supply of business cards on you at all times can mean you never miss an opportunity, something as simple as grabbing a coffee could provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime.

A simple business card is the first impression of your brand. You don't get a 2nd chance at a 1st impression! 

When you meet with a potential client would you like them to walk away with a great first impression? I can't think of anyone that would say no there! A memorable business card that is personal and bespoke to your business can do a lot more than just pass on your contact information.

When I make a connection with my business card, I do not want my brand to be associated with the word cheap, after all, you have gone to a lot of time effort and money creating that brand.

It’s the same principle as a high street store creating a sign with a sharpie, it just doesn’t look professional.

Our goal is to create a lasting good first impression, having a bespoke individual business card can be a great start, also being industry-specific can help. Thinking outside the basic rectangular box can also give you something special, shaped or alternative materials can be a real talking point.

Always invest in a good quality business card that represents your business and not just an off the shelf template. Bespoke to your business!

Creative and unusual business cards often get shared around as a talking point between other businesses, expanding your potential client base without you having to do anything other than handing out a single business card.

Putting it into perspective and into modern life, if you exchange contact information with a potential client and store it in your phones, that’s about as far as it will ever get, whereas if you hand over a creative and interesting business card it gives you a great first impression, as well as the possibility of being shared around with other potential clients.

 Business cards can show that you are always prepared.

The all too common occurrence of having to write contact details on a dirty napkin or scrap of paper before handing it to a potential client, or just as simple as a dead phone battery doesn't give the most professional of appearances.

If you were in a room full of people and have to wait for someone to scramble for a pen, while someone else simply hands you a business card, which would you think to contact?

Always be prepared, business is everywhere!!!

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